10GBASE-SR SFP Module, Enterprise-Class


Model: 10GBASE-SR SFP Module, Enterprise-Class
Brand: CISCO
Condition: Brand New Sealed
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SFP-10G-SR-S Specification

SFP-10G-SR-S Specification

Product Number SFP-10G-SR-S
Description Cisco 10GBASE-SR SFP+ Module for MMF
Type 10GBASE-SR 850nm MMF
Transmit Power (dBm) Maximum Minimum
-1.2 -7.3
Receive Power (dBm) Maximum Minimum
-1.0 -9.9
Transmit and Receive Wavelength (nm) 840 to 860
Bail Latch Color Beige
Power Consumption (W) 1
Operating Temperature Range COM
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