99 CORDS is one of the biggest suppliers for Global Networking Hardware. We specialize in networking solutions and have years of experience in the industry. We provide global network hardware solutions such as routers, switches, servers, and storage devices. Also, we offer network surveillance on video conferencing, IP phones, Wireless, Access Points, Controllers, Modules, Adapters, etc. for complete integration and network management.

In addition we also provide EHWIC, HWIC, VWIC cards, memory, and flash and cables for any network solution.

99 CORDS has made certain that they have a user friendly website where customers can easily navigate product categories while shopping. Our websites interface will guide users through the whole procedure by recommending them top sellers and quality products related to their network solution.  

As we have expanded our business globally it has become essential for us to provide our customers quality service, 24/7 technical and customer support as well as a secure payment encryption system.

 Besides this, we provide quick and efficient services keeping in mind the demands of our customers. We have established integrated services for smart IT solutions for large offices and foreign companies. As a result, your business will expand faster and flawlessly. 

To help grow our customers business we create roadmaps that indicate performance, speed deployment and maximize security, uptime, and efficiency of the network. Our comprehensive guide will help you achieve outstanding results regarding network solutions.  

That does not just end here, again for the customer’s services, we offer 100% warranty returns as per policy.