E7W00A – HP MSA 1040 2Prt FC DC SFF Strg


Model: E7W00A – HPE MSA Storage Controllers
Detail: E7W00A – HP MSA 1040 2Prt FC DC SFF Strg
Brand: HPE
Condition: Brand New Sealed
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E7W00A Specification

MSA 1040 Specification

Capacity Single Enclosure and Maximum Additional Drive Enclosures LFF: 120 TB (single LFF array-head -using 12 x 10TB LFF SAS MDL drives) 480 TB (by adding 3 LFF Disk Enclosures behind LFF Array & using 10 TB LFF SAS MDL drives)

SFF: 43.2 TB (single SFF array-head – using 24 x 1.8TB SFF SAS drives) 178.2 TB (by adding 3 SFF Disk Enclosures behind SFF Array & using 1.8TB SFF SAS drives)

NOTE: 1) maximum available storage capacity depends on the RAID level being implemented

Pool Capacity GL200: 169 TB (154 TiB)

GL210: 219 TB (200 TiB)

GL220: 329 TB (300 TiB)

GL220 with Large Pool Support: 562 TB (512 TiB)

NOTE: 1) The above pool capacities by firmware release apply to virtual storage only 2) The above capacities are usable capacity/pool. Each MSA system can support two pools. Therefore each MSA storage system can have double the usable capacity listed above

Cache 6 GB per controller

NOTE: 6GB cache includes Data (Read/Write) cache = 4GB and Metadata and System OS cache = 2GB

Total LUNs (LUN size are dependent of the storage architecture: Linear vs. Virtualized) size: 140TB (128TiB) Thin Provisioning allows you to create the LUNs independent of the physical storage
Host Interconnect 2 x 8Gb Fibre Channel ports per controller

2 x 1GbE RJ-45 ports per controller

2 x 10GbE ports per controller

2x 12Gb SAS ports per controller

Maximum Drives w/ 3 expansion 48 LFF/99 SFF
Maximum Host Supported 64 in v2 UI

512 in v3 UI

Standard Software Snapshots (64)
Optional Software Remote Snap (linear storage only) Max Snapshot (512)
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